• CONTURE 007 by Dustin Klein

CONTURE 007 by Dustin Klein

I've been working outside a lot recently building the studo. It's cold and wet in Portland in the winter. I needed a rugged & water resistant layer that I could build in and not worry about destroying. 

The Thanksgiving holiday was a perfect time for me to tackle this project. We had some 12 oz waxed canvas and some nice thick wool that paired up nicely. The jacket took me 3 days to complete. There were plenty of errors and seam ripping(I've now come to terms with this as a part of sewing). I ended up adding the chest pockets, extended cuffs with wool lining, detachable wool lined hood and drop tail to the back. I am pleased with the end result. 

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Now I can get back to work on the studio.


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