• CONTURE 004 by Dustin Klein
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CONTURE 004 by Dustin Klein

Get Lost...

Actually how to get lost while knowing where you are the whole time. I have recently been using http://ridewithgps.com to find and or build my own routes around my area. Once the routes are made you are able to export them to your Garmin(yes you need a Garmin for this) as a course. When you ride the course your Garmin has the whole route and tells you when to turn. I have found it amazing for exploring new areas. Being able to focus on the ride and not have to pull out a map or your phone at every turn is game changing. Almost all Garmins offer this feature and I suggest you to try it out. Ride with GPS has several good tutorials about the technical side of this.

Best of luck!

-Dustin Klein

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