• CONTURE 005 by Dustin Klein
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CONTURE 005 by Dustin Klein

Never Say Never
I just got back from a trip to Milano, Italy. I was there for a factory visit (some exciting stuff coming out for Cadence) and to meet up with my good friend Camilla Candida Donzella. The journey was filled to the gills. Camilla took me to meet Dario Pegoretti and I ended up staying the night at his place.
Then we had 24 hours to create and set up a flash art show at SHAME, Camilla’s vintage and oddities shop in Milano. The show was called “Never Say Never” and had original works by both of us in hand lettering, installation and vintage cycling memorabilia. Process of pure passion and the love of making things by hand. Keep your eyes peeled for the next flash show.
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