Seen Report: Walton Brush

Seen Report: Walton Brush

"Walton is one of the most physically talented people I have ever seen on a bike” -Evan Murphy.
That pretty much sums it up. Road, cross, track bikes. It’s all just a bike with some different terrain. Born in Portland with a cyclist father. Walton ended up going to art school in San Francisco. In SF Walton became engrossed in the track bike scene opening a whole new chapter in his life. In 2014, He got 3rd at Elite Road National Championships and became the California state cyclocross champion. He has since gone on to become an domestic pro. Not bad for an art school track bike riding city kid!

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Seen Report: Chelsea Weidinger

When Chelsea Weidinger showed up in San Francisco, she wasted no time getting comfortable with the quirks one can only find in the City. Currently the first and only woman riding for MASH, she has been making a name for herself since winning first female at their Cutty Cross Cat in 2012. Now preparing to race at the elite UCI level, Chelsea's intense focus on training and personal prowess is matched only by her love of coffee. She is a working class athlete and when not on a bike can be found preparing and serving some of the best beans in SF, courtesy of Four Barrel. To balance her demanding schedule Chelsea finds satisfaction through the simple pleasures of taking in enveloping essay with her dear cat Dorian. No stranger to the lack of proper female representation in cycling, Chelsea has a message for all those women who have yet to take the plunge, "We all look out for each other so if you are a woman reading this and you’ve been thinking about racing but for some reason find it intimidating - don’t! The more the merrier. We are all in this together."

Words and Photos by John Daniel Reiss

Seen Report: Garrett Chow

Garrett Chow has been there since the beginning. For more than a decade Chow has served as a supporter, friend, confidant and contributing artist along with Dustin and Cadence. While he is most recognized for his time on a track bike and pushing the creative envelope for MASH, Chow also served as the lead graphic designer for Specialized. An equal passion for both the creative and the thrill of the ride keeps this man in motion. Here, Chow holds the first kit to bare the Cadence logo - a very rare piece for Podium Distribution. Though Dustin hold the reigns for the many kits that have followed, Garrett helped get the horse out the gates.

Words & Photo: John Daniel Reiss