Bud Jersey Pre-Order

Bud Jersey Pre-Order

The "most fly and most high" jersey in modern cycling. Pre-order opens at 4:20 today and ends on April 30th. Save 20% on the jersey during the pre-order with code: BUD20 

To keep the books clean, only place your order for the Bud jersey. If you need other stuff make a separate cart. Domestic shipping on the jersey is $4.20

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New Jackets & Vests

Pinehurst Wind Jacket
Just updated! Available in Color Block or Iron

• Race fit 
• Ultra lightweight wind proof nylon jacket
• DWR treated exterior
• WR #5 YKK two-way zipper
• Mesh back for ventilation
• Updated reflective details on front and back
• Elastic windblock cuffs
• Stuffed jacket fits into a jersey pocket and in it's own built in pouch.
• Elastic and snap mounts to stow jacket under saddle, on handle bars etc. 

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Diablo Wind Vest
Just updated. Available in Color Block and Olive.

• Ultra light wind proof nylon vest
• DWR treated exterior
• WR #5 YKK two-way zipper
• Mesh back for ventilation
• Updated reflective details on front and rear
• Stuffed vest fits into a jersey pocket and in it's own built in pouch
• Elastic and snap mounts to stow vest under saddle, on handle bars etc.

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Cadence x 686 Video

Life on the bike. From the realities of commuting to and from work to the euphoria of a bike packing escape. Each step empowered by ones own physical ability. We are only limited by what we push ourselves to try. Fail or succeed it is the journey that is the ultimate destination. Propelled further forward with the Cadence x 686 Insulator and 3L rain jacket. Built for lifestyle cycling.

Seen Report: Mark Allen Alford

Indianapolis native, Bay Area resident, tiny house builder, LOW// Team rider, Cadence ambassador, the list goes on for Mark Allen Alford. Never one to be caught without a smile on his face, whether he’s out of the saddle on a winding climb or dreaming of race day, Mark is always optimistic of his next challenge. While focused on having fun on the bike, Mark still strives to be faster and stronger, as a reminder that one can be competitive at any point in their life. Like the simplicity of a bike, Mark and his wife Eliana were inspired to build a Tiny House based on that very idea. “Living simple and being able to live in something you built with your own hands while having the power to change it whenever you want is dope to me.”

Photo and Words: @johndanielreiss

State of Cadence Pulsar Giveaway

The State of Cadence - "Pulsar Giveaway"

Valued at over $2500
Win a State Bicycles Pulsar 29er bike with all the components listed below, this is a premium Cadence build of this DKLEIN designed frameset. Winner will also receive the Pulsar hydration pack, Cadence Pulsar kit and accessories and the latest in helmet design, the Bell Zephyr. This entire giveaway is valued at over $2500. 

Click here to enter.

Seen Report: Andrew Ratzke

Andrew is a person who has made a conscious effort to create positive change in this world. While working construction several years back he made a decision to focus his energy to make a difference in peoples lives. His response was to go to school and become a teacher for risk youth. That is exactly what he does to this day as a elementary school teacher in Hillsboro Or. 
When school is in session Andrew is changing the world, but come summer dude likes to shred. This year alone he started summer break with a 400 mile week, Did a century with 9K climbing on a track bike, Road Seattle to Portland in one day(202 miles) and is not currently touring from Portland to San Louis Obispo, CA. Andrew is the real deal folks! This is a life well lived! - DKLEIN

Conture 011

New Design Studio:

Over the past 9 months I have been "learn-as-you-go one-man-band" design & building my new "Design Studio" which happens to a 160 square foot loft.
It feels amazing to exist within a space that I have cultivated and produced myself. It seems fitting for a place that its sole purpose is to build, design, dream, and create in. This is my first interior space that I've had the pleasure to design and build.

Now for the main floor...

Seen Report: Walton Brush

Seen Report: Walton Brush

"Walton is one of the most physically talented people I have ever seen on a bike” -Evan Murphy.
That pretty much sums it up. Road, cross, track bikes. It’s all just a bike with some different terrain. Born in Portland with a cyclist father. Walton ended up going to art school in San Francisco. In SF Walton became engrossed in the track bike scene opening a whole new chapter in his life. In 2014, He got 3rd at Elite Road National Championships and became the California state cyclocross champion. He has since gone on to become an domestic pro. Not bad for an art school track bike riding city kid!

Follow Walton in Instagram here


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