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Immerse yourself in a captivating tale of the Cadence Crew's quest for freedom and exhilaration, as we embarked on an unforgettable journey to break free from the clutches of routine. In the heart of Los Angeles, where opportunities abound, these intrepid souls sought solace beyond the city's limits.


With the persistent and melancholic June Gloom, our restless spirits could not bear to remain idle. The call of the sun, the yearning for mental liberation, and the promise of an extraordinary escapade beckoned us to action. And so, on a fateful Saturday morning, our courageous caravan set its course northward. Our convoy consisted of a mighty Sprinter and two purpose-built pickups, adorned with bikes ready for adventure. Our destination: the enchanting Carrizo Plain National Monument, where the allure of exploration awaited.



Stretching across 50 miles of untamed grassland, this vast expanse played host to a select few wildlife species, sheltered amidst the majestic embrace of surrounding mountains. Unacquainted with these lands, our expectations were minimal, yet our determination to roam, lose ourselves, and revel in the company of kindred spirits was unwavering. Along our path, approximately 22 miles from the southern border, we encountered a dusty trail that veered westward, leading us to the pinnacle of Caliente Mountain. Awestruck by the panoramic vistas that unfolded before us, we ventured forth, guided by a mere pin on our maps, until we discovered our haven—a picturesque campsite that captured our souls.



Accompanied by our trusty bicycles, a fresh assortment of mountain bike jerseys, and a glimpse of upcoming products, we immortalize our journey through captivating photographs. Our crew embarked on a riveting ride, capturing every twist and turn as we traversed the breathtaking Caliente Ridge. In the distance, a sparkling body of water on the valley floor repeatedly caught our gaze. Against all odds, the typically arid Soda Lake had been rejuvenated by the touch of water for the first time in nearly two decades, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The shimmering oasis, enveloped by glistening white salt, demanded our attention, drawing us closer to its ethereal allure. This extraordinary sight, a testament to California's recent bountiful winter, left an indelible mark on us.



Reluctantly parting ways with the captivating lake, we ascended to the mountaintop once more, just in time to witness the celestial performance of the setting sun. As twilight painted the canvas of the sky, we settled into our cozy quarters, savoring the tranquility that enveloped us. Before sunrise, with hearts replenished and minds rejuvenated, we bid farewell to our temporary sanctuary, cherishing the priceless memories etched into our beings.



The Cadence Crew reveres the mantra "Keep Going," an unwavering testament to our unyielding spirit. Regardless of the path we tread, the passions we pursue, or the mysteries we unravel, we persistently push forward, forever yearning to explore the unknown. More thrilling encounters, more exhilarating bike rides, more nights spent under the stars with cherished friends—the very essence of what makes us come alive. We urge you to embrace this ethos, to heed the call of adventure, and to carve your own path towards a life brimming with extraordinary experiences. Embrace the spirit of Cadence Crew and Discover Your Rhythm.