Seen Report: Chelsea Weidinger

When Chelsea Weidinger showed up in San Francisco, she wasted no time getting comfortable with the quirks one can only find in the City. Currently the first and only woman riding for MASH, she has been making a name for herself since winning first female at their Cutty Cross Cat in 2012. Now preparing to race at the elite UCI level, Chelsea's intense focus on training and personal prowess is matched only by her love of coffee. She is a working class athlete and when not on a bike can be found preparing and serving some of the best beans in SF, courtesy of Four Barrel. To balance her demanding schedule Chelsea finds satisfaction through the simple pleasures of taking in enveloping essay with her dear cat Dorian. No stranger to the lack of proper female representation in cycling, Chelsea has a message for all those women who have yet to take the plunge, "We all look out for each other so if you are a woman reading this and you’ve been thinking about racing but for some reason find it intimidating - don’t! The more the merrier. We are all in this together."

Words and Photos by John Daniel Reiss

Seen Report: Matchew

Growing up competitive rock climbing in Dallas TX., this skill set lends itself perfectly to prolific career as well known vandal. As things were starting to heat up with the Dallas PD and Matchew needing to lay low, he eventually landedin Portland OR. In 2006 he stumbled into a job as a Messenger. For over a decade he has been a fixture in the Portland and west coast messenger scene. Influencing and supporting the likes of Chas Christensen and countless other young and motivated Messengers. All the while putting in mile after city mile on his Cannondale Track that has earned every nick and ding, telling an intricate and complex story of his life as a messenger. IG: @newchewnew


CONTURE 010 by Dustin Klein

Functional Art

Some process and finished shots of a canvas that I painted for Klum House. This piece will be used as a raw material for a limited run of products. The finished canvas will be deconstructed into several smaller elements that will be used in the construction of different functional items. The process of making, taking apart and remaking is fascinating to see how one object can be integrated within so many different forms. 


CONTURE 009 by Dustin Klein

Winter is Here

Went on an epic adventure on christmas day. Went out with the goal of getting out for around four hours.
Mission accomplished. Steel road bike(Ritchey Breakaway), solo mission, mixed terrain, snow, 15mg Sativa hybrid, 5.5K feet of elevation, 55 miles. Perfect way to celebrate the holiday. #ThankYouCycling


CONTURE 007 by Dustin Klein

I've been working outside a lot recently building the studo. It's cold and wet in Portland in the winter. I needed a rugged & water resistant layer that I could build in and not worry about destroying. 

The Thanksgiving holiday was a perfect time for me to tackle this project. We had some 12 oz waxed canvas and some nice thick wool that paired up nicely. The jacket took me 3 days to complete. There were plenty of errors and seam ripping(I've now come to terms with this as a part of sewing). I ended up adding the chest pockets, extended cuffs with wool lining, detachable wool lined hood and drop tail to the back. I am pleased with the end result. 

Click Here for Video

Now I can get back to work on the studio.


CONTURE 006 by Dustin Klein

Q and A with Low Bicycles at Mission workshop

I went down to SF this past weekend to do an introduction for Andrew Lows Q & A session at Mission Workshop. Andrews been a long time friend of mine and we have had similar paths with our two companies. It was a pleasure to be involved with this project. Very well done by the MW guys!

Q+A Video here


CONTURE 005 by Dustin Klein

Never Say Never
I just got back from a trip to Milano, Italy. I was there for a factory visit (some exciting stuff coming out for Cadence) and to meet up with my good friend Camilla Candida Donzella. The journey was filled to the gills. Camilla took me to meet Dario Pegoretti and I ended up staying the night at his place.
Then we had 24 hours to create and set up a flash art show at SHAME, Camilla’s vintage and oddities shop in Milano. The show was called “Never Say Never” and had original works by both of us in hand lettering, installation and vintage cycling memorabilia. Process of pure passion and the love of making things by hand. Keep your eyes peeled for the next flash show.

CONTURE 004 by Dustin Klein

Get Lost...

Actually how to get lost while knowing where you are the whole time. I have recently been using http://ridewithgps.com to find and or build my own routes around my area. Once the routes are made you are able to export them to your Garmin(yes you need a Garmin for this) as a course. When you ride the course your Garmin has the whole route and tells you when to turn. I have found it amazing for exploring new areas. Being able to focus on the ride and not have to pull out a map or your phone at every turn is game changing. Almost all Garmins offer this feature and I suggest you to try it out. Ride with GPS has several good tutorials about the technical side of this.

Best of luck!

-Dustin Klein

Conture 003 by Dustin Klein

Fast Friday Video

Fast Friday is officially up and live for all to see. Fast Friday was a wonderful point in time. Seattle WA c. 2007. It was the very beginning of the Track bike movement Mash had yet to come out and people were riding track bikes but there was nothing that was bring people together. I thought something consistent with a focus on skill building. First Friday of every month slowly grew a scene and forged many long term friendships. Many of the people who came out of this movement played a prominent roll in the history of urban cycling. Most notable was Keo Curry a true prodigy on the bike with balance and finesse. I look back on these years fondly and am proud to have been a part of it. I am especially thankful to David Rowe for documenting this as something that would have otherwise been lost to faded memories.


Conture 002 by Dustin Klein

Grinduro Quincy CA

That ish was gnar. So much climbing and descending enough to make you see double.
Fire roads, single track, rocks, loose corners, good folks, so much food, Ray Barbee, whiskey, and suffering. The area was epic beautiful with miles of roads and trails you would die for…or from.
Much love to Fergus and Sean from Ritchey for crewing up, couldn’t ask for a better or or dirtier team.
Next time 650b hardtail!

Those stats:
200 riders
30 Mg THC
5hr 20 mins moving
7,670 ft of elevation
60 miles

-Dustin Klein

Conture 001 by Dustin Klein

Content + Culture = Conture 001 by Dustin Klein

Mark Making:

The simple act of marking things. Every child has an urge to do this and most people tend to move on from this stage as they get older. I find the act of lettering and/or marking on things to be a very visceral experience. Not everything is easy to mark on or looks good but when it does it is overwhelmingly satisfying.
I encourage anyone curious about this to try it for themselves. Walls are often one of the most gratifying surfaces to mark on. I would love to see your results by tagging them with #MarkMaker on your IG posts.

-Dustin Klein

Seen Report: Nikki Beaman

Seen Report: Nikki Beaman

The kids are all right. Or at least this kid is. At 23, Nikki Beaman has had a taste of the messenger community at large, with her resume taking her from Milwaukee to San Francisco and attending the Denver NACCCs, all on a bike. In a world full of unsolicited compliments, Nikki has a cut and dry view on how to break down gender inequality, “… we’d all like to be taken seriously without having to go to ridiculous measures to prove ourselves.” A simple request, but in the male-dominated cycling industry, adversity still lurks, “sex sells and there’s a price to pay.” There is a light though. This year has seen the formation of the Women’s Bike Messenger Association (WBMA) and while fledgling; it has all the momentum to create an important support system specifically for female messengers. In a perfect world where education is a right, not a privilege, where law enforcement enforces the law instead of abuses it, where burritos are plentiful and wrapped in tin-foil, all Nikki really wants is to worry about is running out of buffalo seitan wings. Oh, and try to catch her on her unicorn-white Vivalo - multiple run-ins with death machines haven’t stopped her yet.

Photo and Words: @johndanielreiss

Seen Report: Garrett Chow

Garrett Chow has been there since the beginning. For more than a decade Chow has served as a supporter, friend, confidant and contributing artist along with Dustin and Cadence. While he is most recognized for his time on a track bike and pushing the creative envelope for MASH, Chow also served as the lead graphic designer for Specialized. An equal passion for both the creative and the thrill of the ride keeps this man in motion. Here, Chow holds the first kit to bare the Cadence logo - a very rare piece for Podium Distribution. Though Dustin hold the reigns for the many kits that have followed, Garrett helped get the horse out the gates.

Words & Photo: John Daniel Reiss