Nickname: not sure I have any?

Currently living: Chino Hills

Local coffee spot: when I’m in LA, Kindness & Mischief  

What kind of car do you drive:
2021 RAV4 XLE

Best place you've ridden:
Yosemite for the views

Do you believe in aliens:

What's the best advice you've ever been given:
do your own thing, and create your own lane.

What word or phrase do you use most often:

If you could live anywhere, where would it be:
anywhere where there’s great riding (any suggestions?)

How many hours do you sleep a night:
not enough

First bike:
my first “real bike” was a Bianchi Oltre xr4 (rim brake)

Current bike:
sworks specialized sl7, cervelo aspero, red hook crit specialized allez, and am currently building a track bike 👀

Road or Gravel:
been loving gravel lately. I get to explore and find some really cool trails.

Group or Solo:
I love meeting new people on group rides, but there’s something about riding by yourself that feels very calming and sometimes you need that.

Tacos or Burgers:
smash burger

Cake or Ice cream:

Beer, Wine or Spirits:
I'll drink it all. I'm not picky. i usually drink beer for breakfast, natural wine for lunch, and tequila for dinner

Ping pong or pool:
definitely pool, i grew up playing it with my Dad. the only thing we ever did together

Swan dive or Cannon ball:
belly flop