Nickname: Rico


Current living: Indianapolis, Indiana born and raised!


Coffee spot: I know I’ll get dunked on for this but I don’t drink coffee.


What car do you drive: Driving a Nissan Rogue suv.


Best place I’ve ridden: I did a tour along the Underground Railroad with some buddies a couple years ago and I’d say riding across Georgia was my favorite part.


Do you believe in aliens: I’d be lying if I said I didn’t think something was out there. I’d rather not know.


Best advice I’ve received: That would come from mother. She always told me to watch the company I keep and I truly believe that’s kept me out of trouble.


Word or phrase often used: I have a tendency to call everyone “fam”


Live anywhere where would it be: Tokyo, Japan


First bike: the infamous banana bike. It was an old Schwinn continental and the thing put in some work.


Current bike: got a small fleet of bikes now, thankful to have a bike for any and all riding conditions.


Road or gravel: well, I should probably say gravel since I race for Bissell but I’d have to go with road if it was one or the other.


Group or solo: I like both! I love riding with the locals back home but every now then a solo ride is much needed to get some proper training in or just to clear the mind.


Tacos or burgers: P I Z Z A


Cake or ice cream: I love me some chocolate cake


Beer/ wine/ spirits: I’m a lightweight nowadays so I stick to just beer


Ping ping or pool: I’m pretty bad at both but I’d rather play pool!


Swan dive or cannonball:  cannonball!